Project Life: Week 2

I celebrated my birthday this week…and I had lots of photos to choose from, but decided in the end, to focus on who I am right now…little bits about how I spend me time and who I spend it with. I also incorporated the card Mike and Emily made me! Love it!



I used papers from Close to My Heart as well as their stamps and inks. I also used my cameo and cut out tags with all my little headings – wife, mother, baker, designer, listening, reading…etc.

Here are a few close-ups of the cards. I absolutely love how it came together. I usually don’t scrapbook me – but the fact the Project Life is more about documenting the week – I feel like there’s a freedom to do whatever fits the moment.

week2detail1 week2details2

I’m still (ha! I’ve been at this for about three weeks, right :)) enjoying the process. Being able to select/edit my photos a little bit over a few nights after I put Emily to bed and wind down a bit allows me to start visualizing my layout. I get a few days to think about the colors and what papers/embellishments I might like to use before my I run to Costco and pick up my photos. I only print the photos I plan to use. Then, I get to do what I love the most: cut and paste and create.

Thanks so much for stopping by. See ya next week!


Week One in Project Life

Week One is done!


I’m pretty happy with the result, but I will tell you: it’s a “whole new way” of doing things for me. I am not used to using my computer so much when I scrapbook! It’s a shift: but I think it’s going to be a good one, once I find my groove. I debated about the “week” cards — having a space in the layout dedicated to what week in the year we’re looking at. However, I think I will like seeing the progression in the finished book. Rather than stressing about being completely over-the-top creative with it every week, I decided to hand-draw the week title and cut it out on my Cameo. Super happy with that result. And, I like that it will be a consistent, repeating element throughout the year. My plan is to always have it in the upper-left corner, but I anticipate using many different page protector layouts, so the size and orientation of that card may change. I’ve already cut Week Two!

If you’ve been around to see some of my traditional layouts – they usually have lots of bits and stamping and doodling and hand-stitching. No die cuts, really. No stickers. Ever. I could never figure out how to use them. PL is completely different. The idea of the “filler” cards are well, to fill. And, I’ll need to come to terms with not making each one crazy busy. When I scour Pinterest for inspiration, I usually gravitate towards the simpler pages. I will REALLY need to work on that. That said, I had fun making my inserts. I used quite a bit of stuff – cuts and brushes and printables from my Day by Day class over at Studio Calico. I added some CTMH stamps and inks. It felt good to use some of my stash!

The “core” kit I’m using is Clementine. And I don’t know how long I’ll keep that up. I find myself feeling very boxed in using a kit of this size, and I worry what that’ll feel like in say, 11 weeks much less 52! But I used them quite a bit in this layout. I like the patterns — we’ll see.

Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing how I’m getting started in this project! I spent a little extra  time in my craft room yesterday and made a canvas with Emily and her friend. I plan to post pictures of that on Wednesday! Have a great week.

Project Life – I think I’m gonna like it here

So, I’ve been wanting to start Project Life since JUNE of 2012. I went to order kits on Amazon – and they were out of stock for, like, ever. When my Clementine kit finally got here, work got super busy and I haven’t had a chance to play at all. But I’ve been thinking about it. And stalking the web for inspiration. And, I signed up for the Day by Day class over at Studio Calico. And I got a Cameo for Hanukkah. And, and, and…

It’s a big shift for me – I’ve been a “traditional” scrapbooker for 15 years. I ran out of fizzle for it a few years back but still did it. Last year, I stalked Christy Tomlinson and had so much fun taking many of her online mixed media classes. I learned so much and grew as an artist…it was a year well spent. But it was spent making canvases and home decor; I didn’t get much scrapping in. And I realized I missed it. I love documenting the fun, crazy, special things we do as a family.

So, here’ my title page – I had SO MUCH FUN playing and creating this page. What I think I’m going to LOVE about it is:

1) I can document all of us,  not just Emily — which is typically what I scrapped “traditionally”

2) I get to be as creative as I want in these tiny little spaces

3) While the commitment to document weekly is big (and a little nerve-racking), the commitment to actually scrapbook is less — I’ll get a whole week done on a spread, versus 1 event per page or per spread. So, I will be able to “keep up” with it

4) The flexibility – if I want to add in a whole page for 1 event – I can – I love all the different-sized page protectors

5) I will be able to blend my graphic design skills with it — now this is something I’ve resisted for a LONG time – I’ve been so adamantly opposed to digital scrapbooking because I spend all day at work in front of a computer “playing” in inDesign and Illustrator…the last thing I wanted to do in my play time was get back on the computer. But I HAVE TO TELL YOU — it was so FUN using the printables from the Studio Calico Day by Day kit – it got my head spinning with all the possibilities

Overall, I am super energized to work on this project. Here’s the layout for the title page. I used the Studio Calico Day By Day printables, stamp set, wood heart and cuts for the cameo, Close to My Heart stamps and inks, PL Clementine Kit, my Silhouette Cameo, Basic Grey patterned paper, stickers from My Minds Eye and the Tiny Stapler from Tim Holtz.


Stop back by and watch my progress. I plan to upload my pictures of the previous week to Costco and scrap on Sundays. I’ll be posting about a week behind at that rate, but that’s the plan…

You Melt My Heart

So, this layout just makes me smile. I used all Close to My Heart products and did a TON of hand-stamping on everything from the background paper, the circle frame, to the home-made bingo card (yes – I cut out all those little squares and stamped on them!) This is a photo from when Emily was two – and it’s so fun to go back and revisit things from so long ago. We spent quite a bit of time tonight on homework. And, even though she’s NINE, she’s still just a kid – and I need to remember that. We need more moments like these where she’s happy as a clam out on the front porch, making a giant mess – and nobody cared she was making a giant mess. In fact — I thought it was a great scrap-worthy moment!

At what age did we start saying “Don’t make a mess”? and “Work first, play later?” and “Stop whining?” (well – yeah, ok — we’ve ALWAYS said that) — but my point is – we expect so much from our kids and sometimes it’s good to remember that it’s TOTALLY ok to make a mess — and to get messy — and to love every minute of it. To find the joy and the bliss in the simple things.

Thanks for stopping by!

Embrace Imperfection

Many of you know I took Christy Tomlinson’s “Living Canvas” workshop not too long ago. I’m still going though all the course material, and working on my art journals and canvas projects. Haven’t had a whole lotta time but in back July when her mixed media kit arrived at my door and I saw her “Behind the Art” video (check it out — she’s so fantastic!) for the kit — I immediately made this canvas. Like the very next day. I was so inspired to take some of the discussion from Living Canvas and combine it with the July mixed media kit and play and have some fun. I know, I know…it’s been about 6 weeks and I am JUST getting around to posting it on my blog! What can I say? I think I need to write it as a To Do some where “upload projects to blog” — and then I’d actually DO it. You know me, I’m a list and deadline kind of girl.

Anyhow: here’s what I did. Such an easy, fun technique.

embrace imperfection

Seriously. If you haven’t checked out Christy’s blog — you really need to pop over for a visit. Not only is her work chock full of inspiration — she’s a pretty amazing gal.

Project Life

So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and give Project Life a try. I love the idea of all the mini journal spots and tiny packages of goodness on every page. I love the idea of creating in a new and different way. I love the idea of scrapping every week. I love the idea of “documenting life” versus scrapbooking the moments I want to preserve…those “camera-ready” times…I love the thought of infusing my hobby with new life and energy.

I’ve spent so much time lately creating mixed media and art journal pages, that I haven’t really “scrapped” in my traditional sense. I’ve created a few pages here and there (I’m going to be a guest designer over at Basically Bare in September, so I’ve been creating away — I just can’t share the projects on my blog yet!!) But, mostly “scrapping” is in between my “art”projects. I think PL may be a great solution for me!

The big question now is: do I wait until JANUARY or can I start now? LOL? Maybe add a few PL layouts to my existing album. While I no longer scrap chronologically, I do put the pages in an album for that year…and my years start in May, since that’s Ems birthday month. Now that I’m writing this down…I guess May really wasn’t that long ago. I may not have photos from every week since her birthday — I could probably catch up — or as close as possible…hmm…the wheels they are a-turning…

Before I started this post, I thought my dilemma was going to be wait until January – or start when school starts in a few weeks…but really, why not start now with her 9th year album? Hmmm…I can’t wait to get started…so much inspiration out there…I think I will start organizing some photos and then decide which core kit to use…and then wait for it to show up…and start playing…stay tuned…

Cake Pops

So, I haven’t scrapped these pictures yet — but I had to share the Cake Pops Emily and I made for her 9th birthday party — has it been that long??? OMG. But, to the point: we made these together for her Ugly Doll themed sleep-0ver a few weeks back. The eyes are made of m&ms and the details were done using chocolate pens. You heard me: chocolate pens: Brilliant!! Red velvet cake with cream cheese stuffing, covered in white chocolate melts. We had a great time — can’t wait to scrap them!

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Your Living Canvas Workshop

So….many of you know I’ve been preparing for the “Your Living Canvas” workshop hosted by Christy Tomlinson (Scarlet Lime/She Art). It starts Monday and I cannot WAIT to start this journey. It’s a delve into art journaling, which I haven’t tried before….AND a bunch of great techniques…AND awesome inspiration for really focusing on creating a life by design. Being present. Living in the moment. Doing what matters most.

Sound like something you’d like to do too? It’s not too late to sign up — come on and take this journey with me!!!! Head on over to Christy’s blog to learn more:

I’ve taken two classes on-line with Christy before — and if you haven’t had the opportunity to, let me tell ya: she PACKS THE CLASS with sooooo much content. Tons of videos, .pdfs and more inspiration than you can imagine. She’s got such an awesome personality and really puts her heart and soul into her classes. You won’t be disappointed! She’s also pairing up with her life coach, Art McCraken for this class. So not only do you get all of Christy’s normal awesome-ness, you also get the added bonus of meeting Art.

Cannot wait! Hope you join me!





With the high-80 degree heat already this year, I thought if fitting to finally scrap this awesome photo of Emily jumping off the diving board last summer. She’s a fish. Has loved the water since she was a baby. But we’ve been trying for YEARS to get her to jump off the diving board. She always said “Next year….maybe.” Well, last year, at 8 years old — she finally conquered her fear and took the plunge. She, of course, loved it — just like we told her she would! It was a great moment. The picture could be better — it was snapped on my phone, but the moment is what counts.

She Lived a Happy Life

Sooo….I am so excited to share my latest project *It’s so cute!* Since my birthday this year, I’ve been dabbling in Christy Tomlinson‘s She Art Workshops. Her classes are simply phenomenal — if you ever have an opportunity to take her online classes: treat yourself. She’s so full of inspiration — and fills her classes to the brink. Totally worth it!

So here’s the quick project I used with Scarlet Lime’s March Mixed Media kit. Christy had her “paper doll cut-outs” in the kit — so I used the girl on the canvas (how easy is that??), and a stash of scrap paper to create my scene. Playing with paint, ink, stamps, masks and doodling is so much FUN! I am really excited about getting in to mixed media…next up? Art journaling…

Thanks for stopping by!