Week One in Project Life

Week One is done!


I’m pretty happy with the result, but I will tell you: it’s a “whole new way” of doing things for me. I am not used to using my computer so much when I scrapbook! It’s a shift: but I think it’s going to be a good one, once I find my groove. I debated about the “week” cards — having a space in the layout dedicated to what week in the year we’re looking at. However, I think I will like seeing the progression in the finished book. Rather than stressing about being completely over-the-top creative with it every week, I decided to hand-draw the week title and cut it out on my Cameo. Super happy with that result. And, I like that it will be a consistent, repeating element throughout the year. My plan is to always have it in the upper-left corner, but I anticipate using many different page protector layouts, so the size and orientation of that card may change. I’ve already cut Week Two!

If you’ve been around to see some of my traditional layouts – they usually have lots of bits and stamping and doodling and hand-stitching. No die cuts, really. No stickers. Ever. I could never figure out how to use them. PL is completely different. The idea of the “filler” cards are well, to fill. And, I’ll need to come to terms with not making each one crazy busy. When I scour Pinterest for inspiration, I usually gravitate towards the simpler pages. I will REALLY need to work on that. That said, I had fun making my inserts. I used quite a bit of stuff – cuts and brushes and printables from my Day by Day class over at Studio Calico. I added some CTMH stamps and inks. It felt good to use some of my stash!

The “core” kit I’m using is Clementine. And I don’t know how long I’ll keep that up. I find myself feeling very boxed in using a kit of this size, and I worry what that’ll feel like in say, 11 weeks much less 52! But I used them quite a bit in this layout. I like the patterns — we’ll see.

Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing how I’m getting started in this project! I spent a little extra  time in my craft room yesterday and made a canvas with Emily and her friend. I plan to post pictures of that on Wednesday! Have a great week.


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