Project Life

So, I’ve decided to take the plunge and give Project Life a try. I love the idea of all the mini journal spots and tiny packages of goodness on every page. I love the idea of creating in a new and different way. I love the idea of scrapping every week. I love the idea of “documenting life” versus scrapbooking the moments I want to preserve…those “camera-ready” times…I love the thought of infusing my hobby with new life and energy.

I’ve spent so much time lately creating mixed media and art journal pages, that I haven’t really “scrapped” in my traditional sense. I’ve created a few pages here and there (I’m going to be a guest designer over at Basically Bare in September, so I’ve been creating away — I just can’t share the projects on my blog yet!!) But, mostly “scrapping” is in between my “art”projects. I think PL may be a great solution for me!

The big question now is: do I wait until JANUARY or can I start now? LOL? Maybe add a few PL layouts to my existing album. While I no longer scrap chronologically, I do put the pages in an album for that year…and my years start in May, since that’s Ems birthday month. Now that I’m writing this down…I guess May really wasn’t that long ago. I may not have photos from every week since her birthday — I could probably catch up — or as close as possible…hmm…the wheels they are a-turning…

Before I started this post, I thought my dilemma was going to be wait until January – or start when school starts in a few weeks…but really, why not start now with her 9th year album? Hmmm…I can’t wait to get started…so much inspiration out there…I think I will start organizing some photos and then decide which core kit to use…and then wait for it to show up…and start playing…stay tuned…


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