The Reason I Scrap

Sometimes it’s good to remember WHY I love to scrapbook. Little snippets of life get recorded for us to look back on and enjoy. It’s not all about happiness and laughter and joy. Sometimes we talk about the tough stuff, too. This year, I have two crafty goals:
1) To scrap more about me. My life, my memories. There aren’t very many pictures of me (I was the third child after all), but I have some. And I am going to take the challenge and see if I can devote some of my scrappy time to me.

2) To try my hand at mixed media. I’d like to branch out a bit and PLAY more. Scrapping tells a story. And art does too, but it’s more universal. Not many people outside my inner circle really care about seeing my pages. But, I’d like to try to connect to more people through my art. And, I think playing around with mixed media may just be they key!

So check back by and see what I’m working on.  A third, and somewhat unofficial goal is to post a bit more frequently on my blog…:) We’ll see how that goes!


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