Get out to vote (and don’t forget the camera)

While I primarily post scrap pages, lately I’ve been to wrapped up in the outside world to do much scrapping. I am anxiously awaiting the elections on Tuesday. I feel so emotionally connected to this outcome, I can’t stand it.

This year, regardless of what happens, history will be made. I will have my camera on hand at the polls to take pictures of the lines (I hope there are long, long, long lines!!!), the sineage on the street corners and maybe even the ballot itself. (I don’t know if there are rules against cameras in the polling locations…?)

I am also volunteering with Kids Vote, which encourages school-aged kids to cast a ballot for the presidential elections as well as the local ones. Hopefully, I can snag a few pictures of these kids, too.

Whatever your political stance — whichever candidate you support, go out and make your voice heard! Vote on Tuesday. Vote, vote, vote. And, if you’re like me, take your camera along so you can scrap this page of yourself doing what we are blessed to be able to do — vote. And share this bit of history with all your generations to come. They will know we were there on the day that history was made. How cool is that?


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