Scrap Weekend

I am attending an all-weekend scrapbook retreat in November. I am so excited and mentally ready…but my scrap situation leaves much to be desired. A while back I started scrapping “out of order” and now I am left floundering…I don’t know where to begin collecting the items I want to take with me. Finish up some “old” albums? Begin a new one? I have been contemplating going back and starting an album about me and my life….there is so much to scrap, and all this pressure I put on myself to “get caught up” and to “finish”. Why do we do that to ourselves???

I think I just need to approach the weekend with a fun, relaxed frame of mind. Perhaps if I approach it with a “girls weekend away” with scrapping on the side, I can allow myself to just have FUN and not worry about how much I get done. 🙂

Having said that…I do like to go in organized. I need to come up with a system of organizing papers and pictures so I have everthing I think I’ll need to get my LOs done….hmmmm…..


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